amite river basin commission
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Dietmar Rietschier, Executive Director
3535 South Sherwood Forest Blvd. Suite 135
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816
(phone) 225-296-4900
(fax) 225-296-4990


"To mitigate flood damage in the Amite River Basin, this Commission will serve as a multi-parish authority to accomplish flood control measures; facilitate cooperation between federal, state and local governing bodies to foster floodplain management; maintain and operate structures built under the auspices of the Commission; and coordinate river management within the basin."   
USACE Comite River Diversion Canal Project Status
Comite River Diversion Canal Task Force Brief March 20, 2020
Comite River Diversion Project Status Update September, 2019
Comite River Diversion Project Status Update November 7, 2018

Performance Audit by Legislative Auditor - 1/18/2017
Comite River Diversion Canal 2014 Progress Report - 9/17/2014
Comite River Diversion Canal Brochure - 10/13/2013
River Gauges
Right-of-Way Maps as of November 20, 2018

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